Famous Western Fairytales Get An Eastern Makeover By Korean Artist

just what would some of the most popular Disney fairytales and Western tales appear to be should they was in fact conceived in Eastern Asia? Korean illustrator Na teenage Wu has actually a thought – her pictures feature Disney figures brand new and old reinterpreted through the prism of modern-day Korean cartoon illustration, also known as “manhwa.”

Wu, just who in addition goes on “Obsidian,” is fairly a prolific illustrator, so make sure to discover the woman web log and Twitter if you like everything see!

More info: web log.naver.com | Twitter (h/t: rocketnews, neatorama, designtaxi)

Snow White


Alice In Wonderland

Beauty Therefore The Beast

Princess As Well As The Frog

Red Riding Hood

The Snow Queen

Wild Swans

Minimal Mermaid

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