Poetic Dogs: picture venture Compares Shelter Dogs And Famous Writers’ Expressions

I’m Dan Bannino – an Italy-based photographer and outstanding puppy enthusiast. I love to convert a few ideas into images, making pictures that tell stories and convey concepts.

Almost last year, I’ve rescued my puppy Rothko from a shelter and from that time on my life has changed. When I followed him we realized how many puppies come in the same condition all around the world and how a single use could change their resides and help giving support to the circumstance in your dog shelter. Rothko originated from a hard circumstance, he was present in a gypsy camp and had been  taken to my local kennel, in which after 2-3 weeks I’d the chance to meet up with him.

managing Rothko I’ve learned how exactly to comprehend their moves and I’ve to learned to hear his quiet terms and this explanation I’ve discovered just how puppies act like writers: talking through their particular expressions, sounds and moves, they’re telling you every little thing while saying nothing, the same as a writer would do making use of their words in an excellent poem. My brand new companion along with his love served as inspiration for starting my series known as Poetic Dogs, in which refuge dogs (all from Rothko’s kennel) tend to be connected to my favorite authors. I’ve started this show on Summer and I’ve just finished it four weeks ago.

Since all those puppies are untrained and very afraid of men and women, i did son’t make use of torch and I also must introduce myself to a lot of perseverance (and treats), gaining their particular trust and respect. I experienced photo-sessions lasting hours, because i needed to make certain that these were getting the period of their life.

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Ernest Hemingway

Leo Tolstoy

Mark Twain

Charles Bukowski

William Shakespeare

Charles Dickens

Edgar Allan Poe

Oscar Wilde

William S. Burroughs

Jean-Paul Sartre

The Brothers Grimm

Dante Alighieri

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

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